Module 2

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

You are going to love this module because we get stuck into the nitty gritty of what to eat and what to avoid like the plague.

Food is so instrumental in the healing process and you need to be paying attention to your body's reactions to it.

This will lead you to discover which foods you thrive on and which are best left on grocery store shelves. 

4 Sessions


Session 5 - Food is the Best Medicine

Food can be considered a treatment for MS and in many cases is far more effective than medicine. We discuss the ins and outs of just how exactly the right foods do their healing job.


Session 6 - Foods that Harm

We'll discuss all these nasties and look at the often silent but no less insidious effects they have on your body.


Session 7 - Foods that Heal

Step into a world filled with colour, vibrancy and life. These foods will make you feel so fantastic and we'll find out why they have such positive effects on the body.


Session 8 - The Grey Zone

In this session, we discuss the foods to potentially avoid. These foods sit on the fence. Some respond well to them and others don't feel good on them. I teach you how to work out if these foods are fine for you or whether you should add them to the 'avoid' list.


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