Module 1

A New Way of Thinking



We kick off with a complete reset of our attitudes towards wellness and recovery. It is of the utmost importance that you are in the right frame of mind before we start dismantling your old lifestyle and building the new one.

I like to call this THE ZONE.

The first few weeks can be tricky at times and but if you're in the zone you'll get through them with flying colours!



4 Sessions


Session 1 - Getting the Most from this Course 

I give you the inside scoop on what you can expect on this journey. You'll also get a good sense of what your level of commitment should be. Don't worry - I ease you in!


Session 2 - The Honest Self-Assessment

We need to establish where you are at present - physically and psychologically. This is so that we can measure your progress at the end of the course. We won't do a long test or anything but I'll give you an opportunity to do a simple self-assessment.


Session 3 - Can the Body Heal Itself?

If you were in any doubt that the human body is a healing-focused machine, you'll be a believer after this session.


Session 4 - Listening to the Body

This may sound a bit weird but yes, your body talks to you a lot! Sometimes it's deafeningly loud and you can hear it very clearly and other times it's so soft that it's easy to ignore. If we can learn to respond when our bodies are telling us something, the recovery process will be significantly enhanced.



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