Module 5

The Role of Body Systems in Recovery

There are two body systems that play an integral role in the progression of MS or recovery from it. 

  • The Digestive System or the Gut
  • The Hormonal System 

We'll look at why, keeping these body systems healthy is so essential for staying well with MS. I'll also show you how to keep them in tip top condition.

4 Sessions


Session 17 - The Gut: The Control Centre of Our Health 

The gut seems to be intricately involved in every body system. As Hippocrates once said, 'All disease begins in the gut'. The opposite is also true, all disease ends when the gut is properly cared for. In this session we go into detail and look at how the gut can give rise to disease or heal it.


Session 18 - Healing the Gut

In this session I give you several strategies to repair a damaged gut and keep it healthy for life.


Session 19 - Hormone Health & MS

The hormonal system is our body's messenger program. This system controls inflammation, stress, sleep, mood, healing rate and countless other functions. I want to show you how important your hormones are to your recovery from MS.


Session 20 - Six Keys to Balancing Hormones

Getting your body to produce hormones in the right amounts and correct combinations is no mean feat. However, a healthy body will naturally have balanced hormones. I show you six strategies to keep your hormones functioning as they should - enhancing your recovery.



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