Module 8

Your Holistic Treatment Plan 

We'll spend some time tying all the elements of your unique, holistic & natural treatment plan together. 

You'll also do another self-assessment to gauge your progress over the eight week journey.

This is just the start. By doing this course, you will have set your body on a healing path which will significantly alter the course of your MS. 

2 Sessions 

Session 26 - Putting Together Your Treatment Plan 

In this session, I'll be providing you with the resources to write out your very own treatment plan. We'll tie in all the elements of recovery and watch as they start to interact and produce a beautiful synergy. This is the plan that you will add to, refine and stick to for the rest of your life. It will be your gold standard for staying well with MS.


Session 27 - Your Progress

You'll do another self-assessment which will give you insight into how your health and MS have improved. I'll end the course on a fun note by giving you some tips on how to make this lifestyle work for your family as I know what a challenge this can be.




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