Module 7

The Mind-Body Factor 

Ignoring the role of the mind in our recovery process is a vast oversight. In this module we explore the effect of the mind on the body.

Keep in mind that Depression is one of the most common symptoms of MS which results in a downward spiral leading to more physical symptoms.

If we can learn to keep the mind in a healthy place, we will be well on our way to a healthy body.

3 Sessions


Session 23 - The Role of the Mind in Our Recovery

What's going on in the mind has a direct effect on the body. A negative mindset can lead to a relapse whereas a positive mindset puts your body into recovery mode. Being able to recognise a negative mindset is the key. I give you eight strategies you can integrate into your daily routine to keep your mind healthy.


Session 24 - The Stress Effect

Managing stress effectively is another essential tool in your Recovery Kit. I'm convinced that most cases of MS are brought on and perpetuated by stress. If we can learn to deal with it in a healthy way we can stop symptoms in their tracks. I share my stress story and we look at the effect of stress on body systems. Lastly, I give you strategies to manage stress effectively. 


Session 25 - Mindfulness & Meditation

Living life in a mindful way and practising some form of meditation on a daily basis has an exceptionally positive effect on the expression of MS. I guide you through the practise of mindfulness and we partake in a meditation session together. 


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