Module 4

Supplements for Staying Well

Choosing the right supplements to compliment your MS diet is often an overwhelming process, fraught with uncertainty.

This module will teach you how to go about choosing quality supplements that actually do what they say they do.

We'll discuss the supplements that are absolutely essential to your recovery and those that are not essential but will have a positive effect on your healing process.

3 Sessions


Session 14 - Choosing the Best Quality Supplements

I'll guide you through this process to help you distinguish between poor quality supplements and those that will actually promote healing in your body.


Session 15 - Essential Nutrients for Healing & Repair

In this session we'll look into the benefits of your Core Supplements. These form part of your basic tool kit and will greatly enhance the healing process


Session 16 - Recommended Supplements for MS

There are many supplements that we could be taking on a daily basis, each with it's own wonderful benefit. However, this can be cost prohibitive and often you don't know if they are helping. In this session I guide you through the process of choosing the ones that are right for you. 




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