Module 6

Let's Get Moving

Exercise is also one of those sharp tools in your Tool Kit. An effective management strategy is not complete without some form of weekly exercise. 

In this module, we explore what happens in our bodies when we exercise and how this can transform our condition. 

I also provide you with 10 different exercises that are best for MS and help you come up with your personalised exercise schedule.

2 Sessions


Session 21 - The Elixir of Health

If you need a refresher on what exactly happens in your body when you exercise then this session is for you. It is exceptionally motivating to know how movement causes a chain reaction that hugely enhances the healing process. 


Session 22 - The 10 Best Exercises for MS

This is your one stop shop for exercise ideas! These are tailored specifically for people with MS and focus on low-impact exercises that the body thrives on. You'll also have the opportunity to plan a realistic exercise schedule for yourself and I'll be giving you examples to help with this.




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