Module 3

Your MS Diet Tool Kit

Module three is where things get practical and the rubber hits the road so to speak. You'll be making a few important changes to set you up for success with this lifestyle.

This is your basic Tool Kit for recovery where every tool is a distinct and important function.

It's also pretty fun and you'll be so ready for these changes.

5 Sessions 


Session 9 - The Big Clean Out

Its important to start with a clean slate. Out with the old and in with the new. In this session I guide you through this process.


Session 10 - The Joys of Meal-Planning

Let's get organised! It's vital to have a plan, especially at the start of this new lifestyle. If you don't, you may find yourself undernourished and stressed out half the time! I help you come up with a meal-planning strategy ensures you always have a good meal coming your way.


Session 11 - Start the Day Right

I'll be giving you tons of ideas for breakfast and lunch in this session. Giving your body a nutrient boost in the first half of the day is vital to keep energy levels high and the mind, clear and focused.


Session 12 - Ending on a High

This session contains numerous dinner ideas that will keep your tummy and tastebuds very happy indeed. Most exciting of all, we look the abundance of yummy snacks and sweet treats on offer. There really is no need to deprive yourself of a little healthy something that you fancy. It's good for the soul.


Session 13 - The Big Food Shop

This is a fabulous and fun session because you get to go and purchase your healing ingredients to make the meals that have been making your eyes pop and your mouth water. Everything comes together in this session to help you make a start.


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