20 minute Coaching Session with Kim


From the 20-27th May, I will be offering twenty 20 minute time slots for a quick, focused coaching session. If you need some advice on how to get started or encouragement to keep going, this could be the opportunity you need.

Cost: $20

(usual price is $120/hour)


"I wanted to create an opportunity for more people with MS to get the help and advice they need for the MS diet journey. 

Sometimes, just a short focused session is all that is required to move forward." Kim

How to Book Your Session

1. Pay for your Session

Click on the 'BOOK ME IN' button to pay for your session. Unfortunately this is not refundable because of the high demand. However, If you can't find a session that works for you then just contact me and I'll open up a slot to suit you.

2. Book Yourself In

Use the cool booking system to select your time slot You'll be given a link to this after check out and you'll also receive it in an email. Be careful to select a time that you can stick to because you may not be able to change it. 

3. Connect

Come prepared with questions that you would like to chat about. If you just need some encouragement and a starting point then that's also great! It's often just good to get another perspective. I'll email you a summary of our session with my advice.

My Credentials

If you are completely new to MS Diet for Life, you won't know much about me or my background. So here are a few reasons why you can trust that I know what I'm talking about and can help you get onto your path of recovery.

  • I have had MS for seven and a half years and have been treating it naturally for almost seven of those years. Time sure does fly!
  • I have been able to successfully manage my symptoms this way and have seen no progression since starting the MS diet.
  • I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people successfully manage their MS in a natural way.
  • I am a qualified natural nutrition consultant.
  • I am a qualified counsellor and have 10 years of coaching experience.
  • I have degrees in English and Psychology.


Let's Connect!


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